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At Good Shepherds Chapel in Cave Creek, Arizona, we know that God is greater than any of your struggles with addictions, relationships, or life in general. We strive to show you how real God’s love is. We have helped people recover and be set free and learn that they can rely on God’s unending, costless and priceless love. You will experience the Healing power of God’s presence and see the focus on family and your wellbeing. Our mission here is through “Celebration”, bringing people closer to Jesus in “Fellowship” and with His family, “Learning” about Christianity as they develop to Christ-like maturity. Also to equip them to live their lives as they pursue a one on one intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior and to go out in the world helping others in order to magnify God’s name and fulfill the great commission, which is the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ.
If You Seek Spiritual Growth and Healing, Come to the Chapel Today
At Good Shepherds Chapel, our doors and hearts are open to people from all walks of life and every social economic group. We aim to assist you in your spiritual growth, helping you recover from the snares of life and to grow closer to God with every breath you take. Whether you are seeking a place to worship, a place to learn more about God, somewhere for your family to develop, or all three, Good Shepherds Chapel is the place for you. Come by today and be inspired by our teaching, praise and worship. To schedule an appointment please call us today at (480) 502-3722 or go to contact us and send us an email.
Sessions may also be conducted over the telephone by special request. This may be desirable when conditions do not permit an in-person visit.
                                          The Gifts of Healing
To another the extraordinary powers of healing by the one Spirit.
                                                                                  (1 Corinthians 12: 9).
The gifts of healing work with the gift of faith. Although all believers are encouraged to pray for the sick and hope to see them recover the Holy Spirit does distribute extraordinary gifts of healing to some people, just as he gives other spiritual gifts.
At Good Shepherds Chapel, we know God is healing! We pray for people and see many wonderful healings and breakthroughs.  We have received stacks of testimonies and reports of confirmed physical healings over the years.  I pray the power of healing during the time I spend with you. By the healing power of faith God is working in you.

When a person receives healing through a spiritual gift, that healing may not be evident immediately. Healing can be a process that works somewhat like medication. It is necessary to receive it by faith and believe it is working. The results often become visible later. I believe the power of God's healing is working in you right now. You need to trust God in that area of your healing.  I thank God for doctors and medicine when I need it, but Jesus can be your physician and His word is your medicine. At Good Shepherds Chapel, we believe when we invite Jesus into our hearts the Holy Spirit makes His home in us. From that position in our hearts, which is the very center of our power.  The Holy Spirit brings a purifying work in our body, mind and soul.
      I encourage you not to give up on your healing journey of life.  Come see us today and start celebrating your recovery for life.
 Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me
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